I am a photographer based in the southwest (Tucson, AZ) specializing in nature. I love to photograph both wildlife and landscapes of areas I’m visiting. I try to capture images to show details that you don’t notice with your eyes in real time, giving you the ability to see the beauty of nature in detail. Hopefully this will lead to a better appreciation of all the beauty and stories existing in this world.

I had polio as a child and have been wearing a long leg brace and using crutches since the age of two. As I've aged I tend to stay inside or near my car while taking the photographs. I have written a book about some of my favorite places to photograph and how to use your car. You may purchase the book through Amazon. If interested you can buy the book here

I’ve been completely digital since 2001. Being an electronic engineer and a computer nerd drew me to digital imaging. I started in photography in the late 1960’s when I did my own processing and printing. I shot lots of sports, mainly swimming back then. Moving to Arizona kindled my desire to capture some of the beautiful scenery here. I have taken many workshops and lectures while honing my skills. 

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